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Forthcoming Issues
 Spring/Summer 2015: “Circulatory Systems: Current and Connection.” Movement. Connection. Current. The dictionary defines circulation as “the movement of blood through the body” or “a passage or transmission from person to person or place to place.” But there are circulatory systems all around us: connections to each other, to the external world, and to our internal worlds. What keeps us connected? What do we do when those connections break? What makes the movement of a circulatory system vital? How do we enter, leave, or take part in a circulatory system, when they often have no clear beginning or end?
Fall/Winter 2015: “Awards 37.” Nimrod’s annual prize issue, featuring the winners, honorable mentions, and finalists of the 37th Annual Nimrod Literary Awards. 
A few of our previous issues. Cover artists from left to right: Nathan Opp, Laura Shafer, Dee Ann Short.
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