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The Francine Ringold Awards for New Writers!


We have extended the deadline of the Francine Ringold Awards for New Writers to July 31st, 2018. Entries may be made online at our Submittable site until 11:59PM UTC (Hawaii Standard Time) or may be postmarked by July 31st.

The Francine Ringold Awards for New Writers honor the work of writers at the beginning of their careers.
Prizes: $500 prizes will be awarded in both the fiction and poetry categories, and the winning manuscripts will appear in the spring issue of Nimrod. Winners will have the chance to work with the Nimrod board of editors to refine and edit their manuscripts before publication.
Contest Rules
Eligibility: Open only to writers whose work has not appeared or is not scheduled to appear in more than 2 publications. (Self-published works, works with a distribution of less than 100 copies, and journalistic articles are not considered toward the count of 2 publications.)
  • Poetry: Up to 5 pages of poetry (one long poem or several short poems)
  • Fiction: 5,000 words maximum (one short story or a self-contained excerpt from a novel)
  • All work submitted must be unpublished.
  • Work submitted may be on any theme, any subject.
  • The contest is open internationally.
  • Include a cover sheet containing title(s), author’s name, full address, phone, and email.
  • Omit author’s name on manuscript.
Dates: Contest opens May 1st, 2018. Postmark Deadline: July 15th, 2018.
Online Submissions: Work may be submitted online using our online submission manager system:
Postal Submissions: Clearly indicate “Ringold Contest Entry” on both the outer envelope and the cover sheet. Staple manuscript if possible; if not, please bind with a heavy clip. Include SASE for results only; manuscripts will not be returned. The results will be posted on Nimrod’s website.
Mail to:
Nimrod International Journal
Francine Ringold Awards for New Writers--Fiction or Poetry (indicate the appropriate category)
The University of Tulsa
800 S. Tucker Dr.
Tulsa, OK 74104
Entry Fee: Each entry must be accompanied by a $12 fee, which includes both the reading fee and a copy of the spring issue of Nimrod. Make checks payable to Nimrod. Writers may submit multiple entries, but each entry must include its own $12 fee.

The 2017 Francine Ringold Awards for New Writers

The editors of Nimrod International Journal are delighted to announce the winners, finalists, and semi-finalists of the 2017 Francine Ringold Awards for New Writers


Sophia Stid, TN, “Rust Wilderness & Other Poems”


Jacqueline Alnes, OK, “stroke: breast/back/any”

Reilly Cundiff, VA, “Ode to my bone folder” and other poems

Cassie Garison, PA, “Five Poems”

Erik Johnson, OR, “Ode on a Mirror” and other poems

Jacqueline Rigoni, CA, “Life, Death, and Breakfast” and other poems


Shari Crane, CO, “First Jumper” and other poems

Dan Gualtieri, OH, “a sense of being / suspended” and other poems

Yuxi Lin, NY, “Devotion” and other poems

Rebecca Mlinek, MD, “At Max’s” and other poems

Katherine Marie Stingley, TX, “Fervor Song” and other poems

Connie L. Zumpf, CO, “Google Map” and other poems


C.C. Lewis, NC, “Major Tom”


Sandra Barnidge, AL, “The Waubeen Annual Kanarani Kimball Day”

Sarah Curry, KY, “The Rickies”


Chaya Bhuvaneswar, MA, “My Prerogative”

Scott Hunter, NY, “Shelved”

Tuan Phan, Vietnam, “The Viet Kieu Casanova: A story in four perspectives”

Reena Shah, NY, “Telling Strangers”

Yekaterina Shapkina, NH, “A Decembrist’s Wife”

Masha Sukovic, UT, “The Taste of Names and Other Things”

Kate Strum, OK, “Burning Vonna”

Lisa Teberg-Johnson, MT, “Dwelling”

Bruce Arlen Wasserman, CO, “The Almost Living”

Hannah Weyer, NY, “Sanctuary City”

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