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Awards 35: Hunger & Thirst
Fall/Winter 2013
Vol. 57 No.1


Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry: “Boys on the Moskva River”

Jacob M. Appel: “Paracosmos”

Alison Moore: “Safe House”

Bipin Aurora: “The Lovers in Bengal”

Sandra Hunter: “Angel in Glasgow”



Sarah Crossland: “Safranschou,” “Lots,” “Rakkaus,” “Clavilux”

Melanie McCabe: “What the Neighbors Know,” “In a Handbasket”

Doug Ramspeck: “Touch,” “Moon Letters,” “Nine Crows,” “Crow Sight”

Daniel Lusk: “Geraniums,” “The Oat Bitch & the Old Man’s Daughters,” “Bane,” “Weights and Measures”

V. L. Schwab: “Grace Dissolving Barriers”

C. White: “Dominion,” “Communion”

Julie Taylor: “Hungry Lake,” “Wildfire”

Katherine Bode-Lang: “In Drought, in Rain,” “My Father’s Fastball”

Paula Marafino Bernett: “The Elephants”

Rita Moe: “from Ghazals for the House”

Katharyn Howd Machan: “A white Sun, a Very Cold Sun,” “Linden Tree”

Judith Pacht: “from First Words”

Adam Houle: “Blueberries on Sugar Loaf”

Juan Carlos Galeano: “Island,” “The Love of a Mountain Is Something Serious,” “Witches” (trans. from the Spanish by James Kimbrell and Rebecca Morgan)

Geffrey Davis: “What Returns,” “The Epistemology of Preposition,” “Upriver, Downstream”

Matthew Thorburn: “The Light that Lasts All Summer”

Lynn Shoemaker: “In My Native Home,” “Radiant Evacuees,” “Survivor Ocean, Suicide Sea”

Erik Campbell: “The Cartographers Conspired”

Bonnie Wailee Kwong: “California Rain Song,” “Warp and Weft”

Earl Reineman: “Quilters,” “Dirty Laundry,” “Food Chain”

Keith Montesano: “The Author as Man Who’s Eclipsed by the Dark Under the Opposite Side of the Bridge and Sees the Car Plunge into the River in Blow Out

Chris Haven: “The Word We’re Looking for Is Sorry”

Rosalind Pace: “Wanting to Read Sanskrit,” “Leaf”

Chris Tanseer: “Elegy,” “What Remains”

Carol Quinn: “Object Permanence”

Jude Nutter: “Still Life with Full Moon and Ibis”

David Brendan Hopes: “Cheerful Variations on a Melancholy Theme,” “To Aengus the Young, and Certain Others”

Julie L. Moore: “Aftershock,” “I was led to believe,” “Loose Stone,”

Melanie Figg: “Untitled”

Steve Lautermilch: “Wheel of Water, Wheel of Fire,” “Cerith Dreams”

Kevin Rabas: “Pictographs Somewhere in the Pahrocs”

Emily Pérez: “Personal Ad”

John Walser: “Before a Storm, Late September,” “Briseis”

Janet McNally: “The Maenads Go to a Meeting,” “Gretel, After”

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