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Awards 36

Fall/Winter 2014. Vol. 58 No.1

Eilis O’Neal: Editor’s Note




Shobha Rao: “Kavitha and Mustafa”

Helen Degen Cohen: “My Grandma’s Sister”

Jill Logan:“Little House”

Katherine Enggass: “She Leaves to Cherish”

Marilyn Abildskov: “Akimbo”




Mary-Alice Daniel: “Disease Map,” “DETHCENTRIK,” “Side Effects #1: Dreams,” “Side Effect #4: Hyperreality,” “Supermoon [2]”

Christina Olson: “Traveling Song”

Simon Peter Eggertsen: “A Request for Color and Spice #3”

Dwaine Spieker: “Electric Fence,” “Farm-Store Advertising Flyer,” “Stainless Steel”

Erin Rodoni: “Bestiary”

Pam Bernard: “Lingua Franca,” “Astronaut”

Anne C. Coon: “from The Needle”

Angela Patten: “In Praise of Usefulness”

Alison Luterman: “She for whom I am named”

Steve McDonald: “Credo”

William Orem: “Snowfall expected after midnight”

James K. Zimmerman: “Wormholes of the White-Tail Deer”

Joe Wilkins: “Western, “’Where Was I Before I Was Born?’”

Don Judson: “Chemo--,” “My Sister Has Been Dead for One Year Ten Months and Seven Days”

Kathleen Kirk: “The Nearness of You,” “Ice Sculpture”

Kim Garcia: “A Hundred Views, Ando Hiroshige,” “How I Learned to Talk, “Ophelia Emerges From the River, Unscathed”

Anna Leahy: “Awash”

Janey Gibilisco: “The Parable of the Small Hands”

Arne Weingart: “World Without Signs,” “Scullers At Dawn,” “Recapturing My Stutter”

J. Camp Brown: “Shape-Note Singing School”

Kate Kingston: “What Words for God?”

Moira Linehan: “Psalm 8”

Christopher Buckley: “Reincarnation by the Sea”

Kyoko Uchida: “If Only,” “Ever After,” “Out of Habit”

Jackie Craven: “Southbound”

John Randolph Carter: “All Aboard,” “This is Wrong”

Eric Trethewey: “The Twitch”

Markham Johnson: “Hitching a Ride for the Rapture,” “Bangs!”

Jane Otto: “Postcard to Sigmund Freud from Istanbul, Turkey,” “Before Roe v. Wade”

Barbara Krasner: “Hoch Sollst Du Leben”

Jeanne Wagner: “The Sibyl Prepares for Retirement”

Gloria Parker: “Pet”

Terri Niccum: “May we all be close to rescue,” “What We Found”

Laurie Clements Lambeth: “Late Lunch: Distraction Song,” “Hoagland in London,” “Eclipse”

Katharyn Howd Machan: “Left Turn on Sunday Road”

Alexa Mergen: “Physicians”

Rebecca Baggett: “Before the Stories Begin”

Alison Turner: “Earthquake Hollywood”


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