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Awards 37

Fall/Winter 2015. Vol. 59, No. 1



J. Duncan Wiley, “Inclusions”

Emily Wortman-Wunder, “Burning”

Michelle Collins Anderson, “Cancer (& Other Unforgivable Curses)”

Stephanie Carpenter, “The Sweeper”

Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry, “The Heart of Things”




Heather Altfeld: “Blueprint for the Infinite,” “Two Pockets”

Grant Gerald Miller: “My Father Knocked a Hole in the Sky,” “Skin,” “What Is Left to Say of Birds”

Emily Rose Cole: “The Contortionist,” “Poem in Which You Are Joan of Arc’s Lover,” “Asked if I Miss My Mother, I Say I Miss the House”

Rochelle Goldstein: “Gretel’s Answer”

Katharyn Howd Machan: “Paws,” “My Best”

Jennifer Raha: “On Loving”

George Looney: “Sadly, Everything’s in Flux”

Emily Van Kley: “Until the Heavens Ring,” “Superior,” “Varsity Athletics”

Jeanne Wagner: “The Night You Come out to Your Parents,” “Madame Cezanne Sits for Her Portrait While Facing Still Life with Curtain,” “Why She Wasn’t Invited to Join the Geological Society of London”

Davis McCombs: “Not Untwist”

Judith Pacht: “A Cumulus Fiction vi.”

Ann Robinson: “I Knew a Little Later”

Susanne Kort: “Away”

Zane Kotker: “Stand and Pivot,” “If You’re Choking, I’m to Go on Eating,” “The Bad News Room”

Marsha Truman Cooper: “Suddenly, the blizzard”

Patricia Clark: “Mudflats, Heron”

Melanie Drane: “The Language Orchard,” “The Liquid Consistency of Words”

Charlotte Stewart: “The Legs of Aging Lawn Chairs”

Josephine Yu: “Middle Class Love Song,” “How Do You Say”

Anita Sullivan: “The Harpsichord Builder’s Tale”

Dwaine Spieker: “Corpus Christi Sunday Afternoon”

Earl Reineman: “How to Peel an Apple, 1967,” “Legal Limit, 1968”

Dennis Braden: “The Apple”

Penelope Scambly Schott: “Meanwhile the Dog Just Scratches her Ear,” “Our Dog Lily”

Arne Weingart: “The Poet Decides to Stop Writing”

Loren Higbee: “Comparative Onomastics”

Leila Chatti: “Momon Eats an Apple in Summer,” “Preparing Iftar with My Father,” “A Religious Education,” “Tunis Nocturne”

Berwyn Moore: “Interferon,” “What the Wind Said,” “Tinnitus”

Lisa C. Krueger: “Parallax at Nine a.m.,” “Distance,” “The Latin of It”

Jennifer Clark: “Searching”

Wendy Barker: “The Hollow,” “The Sterling Platter,” “Mom’s Creamer,” “The Dragon Bowl”

Madelyn Garner: “Surgical Mask in the Time of Plagues,” “Enough”

Lorna Crozier: “The Mask”

Ed Hodges: “Landslide in Florida”

Wendy Mnookin: “My Mother Turns Ninety”

Carol V. Davis: “Painter’s Mother IV”

Sara Burant: “Hobbled”

Helen T. Glenn: “Emigration”

Kim Garcia: “Householder,” “Prophets”

Catherine Freeling: “In Which I Praise My Right Foot”

Dian Duchin Reed: “Cleaning Up”

Sarah Carleton: “Orchard Orb-Weaver”

Susan Eisenberg: “Welcome”

Ted Kooser: “Angels of Recycling,” “The Albino Turkey,” “Testing, Testing”


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