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Awards 38
Fall/Winter 2016. Vol. 60. No. 1.
George Looney: “The Under the Rivers Humming Cross of Rome, Georgia”
Susan Finch: “My Friends, My Sisters, My Doppelgängers”
Daniel Hamilton, “Dragonslayers”
Nathalie F. Anderson: “Rapture”
Mary Kay Rummel: “Cipher Garden”
Teresa Scollon: “Cabbages”
John Blair: “The Things You Can’t Keep”
Kimberly Kent: “You Will Not Win the Jackpot,” “Never Seen,” “Elegy,” “Company”
Corrinne Clegg Hales: “Fall”
Linda Taylor: “Bodies and Saints,” “Find Dance at the Creek, 7:00 a.m.”
Michelle Bitting: “Artisanal Baptismal,” “Stripped, Genesis,” “Home”
Shelley Stenhouse: “I Am Your History”
Doug Ramspeck: “Juncos”
Myrna Stone: “Lucy Bakewell Audobon Takes Her Grandson on a Late-Night Walk to Find her Husband,” “John James Audobon’s Late Refrains”
Mary Pinard: “Widow with Extra Doors”
William Orem: “Critical Care,” “Snakes in ceiling”
Kate Kingston: “I Miss God”
Sarah Wetzel: “I Too Was a Monster,” “Ruined in Rome,” “Triptych in Trastevere”
Marcia L. Hurlow: “Three Boys Throwing Pebbles”
“A Mexican-American Ghost Story,” “Mine Life is Ours”
Allison Adair: “The Big Thinkers”
Angela Patten: “The Singel Bridge at the Paleisstraat in Amsterdam, 1896”
Laura Lee Beasley: “A Modern Woman Faints”
“Marrow,” “Self Portrait as Bison Struck by Lightning”
Michele Battiste: “Weather Report from Ruination,” “The Secret of Ruination,” “Ruination: City Council,” “A Mechanistic Understanding of the Systems in which It Works,” “Ruination || Ruination”
Pamela Davis: “Still/Life”
Amir Rabiyah: “The Magician’s Handkerchief”
Rebecca Macijeski: “Virgil Calls the Stride,” “Always,” “What It’s Like”
Barbara Crooker: “Entering the House of Awe”
Moira Linehan: “Where There’s a History of Famine”
Julianna McCarthy: “Tobias’ Dog”
Graham Hillard: “Wolves,” “The High Branch”
Joe DeLong: “Zero”
Leah Zazulyer: “Time Was”
Rita Moe: “Sloth”
Rebecca Baggett: “What’s Broken”
Gloria Parker: “The Dream”
Patrick Moran: “Professor Moriarty: I’m Not OK, You’re Not OK”
Charles Atkinson: “First Tuesdays at Hospice”
Will Walker: “ROY G. BIV”
Dana Curtis: “ On a Beach with Paul Dirac”
Charlotte Pence: “A New Mother Considers Cell Division”
Adam Scheffler: “Going Away Party”
Leah Huizar: “Listening to Ghosts”
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