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Awards 39
Fall/Winter 2017, Vol. 61. No. 1

Editor’s Note


Jessica Cavero, “Toguro”

Sandra Hunter, “Finger Popping”

Shubha Venugopal, “How Will You Not Drown?”

Meghan Pipe, “Alternating Current”

Eric Schlich, “Lucidity”

Claire Robbins, “Mothering the Body”


Mark Wagenaar, “Count it Up,” “Nocturne &/or Aubade with Horses,” “They Say Every Strad’s Different,” “Migrations (White Lilacs),” “Stray Paragraphs from the Year of the Rooster”

Mary Moore, “Chimera,” “Antherea Polyphemus,” “Speaking the Beast,” “Embroidering,”

Owen Lewis, “Borderlines”

Ryan Meyer, “from Forgetting Guidelines”

Emily Rose Cole, “Unblues #1”

George Looney, “The Dust That Come Spring Will Be Loam”

Molly Bess Rector, “Ecology Lesson: Alewives”

Pamela Davis, “Little Daughter, Little Seal,” “The River Remembers”

Laura Apol, “Five Prayers to Be Said Upon Departure,” “Second Sight,” “Genealogy,” “Takotsubo”

Bonnie J. Morris, “The Dust of Gods and Goddesses”

Nancy Gomez, “We All Fall Down”

Julia Thacker, “Plum Jam”

Rebecca Morgan Frank, “The Mechanical Monk”

Sarah Huener, “Reliquary (Vienna),” “Measurements,” “Trace Fossil”

Nilla Larsen, “Peptalk to the Friend Experiencing Science Disenchantment Syndrome”

Karen Kovacik, “Ode to the Milagro Heart”

Kara Jackson, “spell for my hair,” “Canada Dry as means for stopping black on black crime”

Dawn Marar, “Manna from Heaven,” “On the Road to Damascus,” “Mayday Mayday Mayday”

Monika Zobel, “Zweisprachigkeit”

Louisa Howerow, “Passport,” “Displaced,” “The Difficulty of a Door”

Zach Linge, “Truth is, you don’t remember much,” “Mother Disappointed”

Carlie Hoffman, “Night Drive with My Brother Through Warwick Valley”

Samuel Hovda, “In a Dream, Faggot and His Father Drive Up the Side of a Dark Obelisk,” “Faggot Once Again Considers His Body,” “Self Portrait, with Faggot and Eyeliner”

Cindy Veach, “Spectral Evidence,” “Factors,” “Of Deer, a Lion, Rhinos, and the Empty Nest”

Naomi Cohn, “We Can’t Get Back”

Anne Haven McDonnell, “curse”

Stephen Cloud, “Hopperesque”

Heidi Seaborn, “Family Secrets”

Meghann Plunkett, “The Relief””

Kitty Jospé, “Patience”

Joan Roberta Ryan, “Blue Ming Vase with Coiled Dragon,” “The Repentent Magdalene”

Peter Krumbach, “Rotterdam”

Drew Cook, “The Grieving Mother Explains”

Earl Reineman, “Sliding”

Daniel Becker, “Like all perfect strangers”

Daniel Lusk, “Robyn of the Snows”

Jon Kelly Yesner, “Garbage”

Pamela Davenport, “Eighth Grade Honolulu Hawaii”

Allison Blevins, “The Actual Size of the Rifts in the Human Heart May Vary Depending Upon Age and Use,” “Over One Million Acres of the Boreal Forest are Lost to Logging Each Year,” “The Color of Tearing”

Aurora Masum-Javed, “from Daughter // Tongue”

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