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Awards 40

Fall/Winter 2018

Vol. 62. No. 1

Editor’s Note


Sharon Solwitz: “Tremblement”

Ellen Rhudy: “Would You Know Me”

Ellen Furman: “Things”

Liz Ziemska: “Hunt Relic”

Amy Shearn: “Some Fun”

Mimi Lok: “Last of Her Name”


Emma DePanise: “Dry Season,” “My Mother Can’t Say the Word,” “Your Fear of Everything Is Not . . .,” “Did Anna Bertha Ludwig Ask to . . .,” “Late, January,” “Sustenance”

Megan Merchant: “Marrow,” “A thousand words is worth a picture,” “Eurydice,” “Pulp,” “Unfurling”

Susan Nguyen: “Beast Angel,” “If I Say My Body is Grieving”

Namrata Verghese: “Kathakali”

Adela Najarro: “Chantico Swings”

Darrel Alejandro Holnes: “The land is made a stepmother,” “20 de Diciembre, 1989: When the . . .” “For My Mother, The Black . . .”

Mark Smith-Soto: “Let It Spill”

Cornelia Veenendaal: “Rehearsal”

Susan Landgraf: “What’s Left”

Mel Elberger: “Recipe”

Caroline Berblinger: “Interviewing My Grandfather,” “For Taylor,” “April Again”

Elizabeth Rees : “Elegy for Good Health,” “Our Newborns Down the Hall . . .,” “No Other Name for Mother,” “Complicit”

Michael Warr: “What Not To Do . . .”

Emily Harman : “Cairn”

Josephine Yu: “Women Grieving,” “Dog with Cataracts,” “The Day After We Killed the Dog,” “Persona Non Grata”

Kate Gaskin: “Shark Week During the Apocalypse”

Jeanne Wagner: “Dogs That Look Like Wolves,” “Scald,” “Why I’m Often Suspected of Shoplifting”

Christie Towers: “Sugar Water in Winter”

Chrissy Kolaya: “The House Sitters”

Brian Czyzyk: “Baba Yaga’s Antidote for Aimlessness,” “Presque Isle,”

Don Colburn: “Ginkgo on 19th,” “Poem in December”

Don Hogle: “Mother”

Katherine Gaffney: “With Ghost”

John Walser: “Heaven,” “Vincent Street April”

Rebecca Foust: “Spring Is”

W.J. Herbert: “The Smell of Almost Rain”

S. B. Merrow: “Craving”

Benjamin Garcia: “Gay Epithalamium”

Matty Layne Glasgow : “Plumage,” “Ash Mama,” “bitter-berry”

J. Bailey Hutchinson: “Became My Body, Too”

Melanie Figg: “Psyche’s History of Houses”

Freesia McKee: “Peeling an Orange”

Caroline Earleywine: “Lipstick,” “What if our love wasn’t”

Ayokunle Falomo” “The World’s Loudest Sound”

Ryan Meyer: “Estuary,” “from Forgetting Guidelines”

Matthew MacFarland: “Singing Saw,” “Hic abundant lupi”

Roger Camp: “Ascension”

Kelly Michels: “What I mean when I say he went . . .”

Luke J. Johnson: “Song of the Stillborn”

Arne Weingart : “The Painting of the Barn without the . . .”

Lee Sharkey: “To Look Out Is to See; to Look In, to . . .”

Anna Scotti: “When I could still be seen,” “Five Children and It,” “Feathers of Gold”

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