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Circulatory Systems: Current and Connection

Spring/Summer 2015. Vol. 58 No. 2


Eilis O’Neal, Editor’s Note




Daniel Hamilton: “The Decline of the American Bison”

Susan Land: “The Solace of Grammar”

Sue Pace: “George”

Robert Mundy: “Family Matters”


Creative Nonfiction


Chris Abani: “The Graceful Walk”




Linda Neal Reising: “Navigation”

Jennifer Schomburg Kanke: “After You Smile and Nod, I Know You Don’t Understand”

Florence Weinberger: “The Prescription,” “Iguza Falls”

August Donovan: “The Tiger of Newton, Kansas,” “The Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City”

Marge Saiser: “Beauty With Cat”

Andrea Witzke Slot: “Geometric”

Moira Linehan: “The Math of It”

Sandra Longley: “What We Know,” “Sky Watch”

LA Johnson: “Silvering,” “Oarfish”

Nancy Takacs: “Fossil Fish”

Earl Reineman: “Driftwood, 1965”

Kirk Glaser: “Indian Cove,” “What’s Left on the Tongue”

Lex Runciman:  from “Events Are a Blunt Instrument”

Charles Entrekin: “November in Berkeley”

Lynn Domina: “Bear”

Wyatt Townley: “Knowing the Difference”

Tina Schumann: “Ode to Time, Lance and December Rain,” “Overture (anticipation)

Eleanor Berry: “Undeliverable”

John Azrak: “Aleppo,” “High Line,” “Elizabeth’s Bishop’s Greatest Hit”

Lauren Camp: “Thieving the Atlantic”

Karen Hildebrand: “Femme Fatale”

Lucien Darjeun Meadows: “Seventeen”

Daniel Donaghy: “Bike Ride,” “Wren on Osage”

Tara Taylor: “Bricks,” “Mountain Lion,” “Salt Water Myths”

Barbara Crooker: “For the TSA Agent”

Eric E. Hyett: “Rollerblading Through the Old Airport in Hong Kong,” “Tokyo Love Story”

Peter Marcus: “Winter City Lullaby,” “On Bohol,” “Hard Slumber”

Frannie Lindsay: “Fresh Pond Reservation in Late October”

Lori Levy: “Fertile Ground for Guilt”

Carol Davis Koss: “Editing Life,” “Just in Case…”

Berwyn Moore: “Tissue”

Geri Radacsi: “Road Trip Anxiety”

Melissa Stein: “Moose Crossing”

Simon Perchik: “*”

Joan Colby: “The Bones,” “The Nerves”

Jane Lin: “Body of Knowledge”

Mira Rosenthal: “Visiting My Father’s Childhood Apartment”

Stephen Gibson: “The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory,” “Tour”            

Ed Frankel: “After Washing Her Godson’s Body, Sheyna Imagines an Answer to Grief”

Eduardo Chirinos: “Puerta de Atocha—Estación de los Desamparados” (translated from the Spanish by G. J. Racz)

Robert W. King: “Embedding the Cancer Port”

Wendy Barke:  “This Far Downstream,” “The Scroll’s Landscape”

Patricia Corbus: “Under the Mulberry Tree”

Amy Miller: “They Say Those Woods Are Haunted Now,” “this body”

Claudia F. Savage: “The Limited Visibility of Bees”

Elizabeth Rees: “Three Dimensional”

Janée J. Baugher: “Success”

Adele Ne Jam:  “Through the Holland Tunnel”

Gail Peck: “Postcard, France, 1960”

Jayne Benjulian: “Timing”

Joel Peckham: “Sewers”

Teresa Scollon: “What Moves,” “On the eve of a remembered slaughter”

Alice Pero: “Stitches”

Kitty Jospé: “Endings”


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