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Let Us Gather: Diversity and the Arts
Spring/Summer 2018
Vol. 61, No. 2

Editor’s Note


C. C. Lewis: “Major Tom”

Elmaz Abinader: “Queen of Spades”

Sandra K. Barnidge: “The Waubeen Annual Kanaranzi Kimball Day

Aimee Pogson: “Cooking for the Emotionally Repressed”

Sarah Curry: “The Rickies”

Lisa Horiuchi: “Why Don’t You Write Something Japanese”


Laura Glenn: “You hand me a bouquet of paints,” “The Open Window”

Louisa Howerow: “Sometimes I’m Gene Kelly,” “Baked Apples on Tinfoil”

Sophia Stid: “More Love,” “If You Are Tough Enough, Let the Thing You Love Rot,” “Rust Wilderness,” “The Wait”

Scott Chalupa: “The Ecstasy of Saint Francis,” “Martha & Mary”

Erik Johnson: “Ode on a Mirror”

Andrea Jurjević: “Improbable Grace”

Lisa Yanover: “Garlic or Nothing: On Leaving Israel”

Leslie Miller: “Parish,” “Funny”

Reilly Cundiff: “My Mother and Falconry,” “On Seeing a Diagram of the Human Fertilization Process,” “Studies, “Ode to My Bone Folder”

Karina Borowicz: “Vermeer’s Lacemaker,” “New Word,” “Rosetta”

Erin Adair-Hodges: “Natural History,” “Vow”

Hari Alluri: “Bring Your Body into the Rubble”

Emily Mae Stokes: “Curse the hull that floats endlessly through your dark histories,” “If you do not rebel by loving, you will find yoruself painting the wrong potrait.”

Steven Winn: “Bad Novel,” “Ode to a Farberware Pot”

Robert Thomas: “Sonnet with Aioli and Roux,” “Sonnet with Scalded Pot and Elegy,” “Sonnet with Genghis Khan and Jasmine”

Steve Bellin-Oka: “[Dalet],” “[Zayin],” “Letter to John Ashbery”

Martín Espada: “Be There When They Swarm Me,” “That We Will Sing”

Angie Macri: “Wave Pattern,” “Palomino”

Mary Moore: “The Lace Girl, Sewing, c. 1950,” “Ode to M. A. Vizsolyi’s Love Sonnets,” “On a Print of Alberto Morrocco’s Fisherman and Boat”

Leah Claire Kaminski: “There’s that red light over there. ”

Tanzila Ahmed: “Collidescope,” “Holoud”

Jesse Wallis: “52, 16, 52”

Julia Lisella: “Mercy,” “Some Loved Object,” “Octave”

Lindsay Illich: “The Woman Who Rode Through a Tornado in a Bathtub and Survived,” “Crossing the Potomac in a Supershuttle Van”

Jacki Rigoni: “Life, Death, and Breakfast”

T.J. McLemore: “Lighted,” “Eucharist as Sortilege”

Chris Bullard: “Pick a Card, Any Card

Michael Derrick Hudson: “Climax the Clown Goes to the Movies”

Jacqueline Alnes: “stroke: breast/back/any”

Caroline Chavatel: “Elegy Ending in Elegy Ending in The” . . .

Lisa L. Moore: “Poison Can Be a Pig”

Sheila Sanderson: “Just as you begin to imagine eternity”

Steve Nickman: “Shinji’s Waterfall”

James Wyshynski: “Degas’s Father Listening to Lorenzo,” “The Last Silent Film Dovzhenko Never Made”

Craig Martin Getz: “Meditation on Art and Artists: ” . . .

Rosa Lane: “Essie Mae: Mise-en-scénes”

Joshua Orol: “False Cognates”

Cassie Garison: “Two States of Mind in Me”

Benjamin Busch: “The Discovery of My Tomb”

Todd Dillard: “The Bodies of Pompeii,” “Saint George and the Dragon”

Rakhshan Rizwan: “Under her eye”

Mary Christensen: “Curating,” “Out of Style”

Kirk Schlueter: “Drawing My Grandfather’s Last Christmas”

Ross White: “A Shoebox”

Alleliah Nuguid: “First Divorce”

Marcela Sulak: “Physicians in the Dark”

Kaveh Bassiri: “Taarof,” “Sleights of Hand”

Lucia Galloway: “At the Music Conservatory”

Claudia M. Reder: “Storyteller: Notes from the Field,” “Imagine a Dance Audition for Women with Disabilties”

Susanna J. Mishler: “Vanishing Point”

Susan Rich: “17 Years After Her Passing, Cousin Molly Appears to Me as a Young Dancer Outside Kupel’s Bakery”

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