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Lasting Matters: Writers 57 and Over
Spring/Summer 2013
Vol. 56 No.2


Vince Sgambati: “What Took You So Long?”

Britton Gildersleeve: “Elephant’s Graveyard”

Diane Burton: “Letter to my Father”

Roberta Murphy: “Blue Skies”

Lilvia Soto: “History for Ambassadors Or Butterflies and Other Chingaderas”




Ted Kooser: “Shame,” “Picking up after the Dead,” “Howard”

Francine Ringold: “Wind Dog,” “This Morning”

B. D. Love: “Declan IV”

Harry Humes: “Making a River,” “I wanted to sit”

Mary Lee Waldron: “Crime Scene,” “Whippoorwill”

Mary McCarthy: “Neighbor Who Moved Away”

Ronald Wallace: “Sex at Seventy,” “Durian Fruit,” “After Basho,” “The Man in the Rain,” “The Rapture”

Claudia Monpere: “My Husband’s Last Garden”

Perie Longo: “Late Bloomers,” “My Everything”

David Lee Garrison: “Love Game”

Diana Anhalt: “Eden Deferred”

Mary Jo Moore: “Holding on”

Jean Esteve: “Skate,” “Promenade”

Lianne Spidel: “Annie in Motion”

Zara Raab: “Mill Town”

Lorna Crozier: “A Common Life”

Orick Peterson: “Richard Wilbur Got It Backwards”

Susan Eisenberg: “My Parents’ Health Declines”

Francine Witte: “I always called them needle trees”

Rita Maria Magdaleno: “Beholding”

Leah Zazulyer: “After Words”

Michael Lauchlan: “Trumbull Avenue, 1981,” “Detroit Tapestry”

Julia Wendell: “Simple Syrup,” “Dear Home”

Carol Was: “Letter to my Cousins”

Lee Sharkey: “Maimonides prays,” “A Head Is a Hard Thing to Carry on Your Shoulders”

Allan Kaplan: “Pioneer Comfort”

Charles Entrekin: “At Hearst Street House, Berkeley”

Robert Gethner: “Saturn”

Robin Chapman: “The Words We Lack Spiral from the Dark”

Doug Ramspeck: “Crow Hours”

Tom Raithel: “Solstice”

Ivy Dempsey: “Coming in from Storm,” “The Hazelnut”

John Oliver Simon: “Die Young”

Lori Levy: “When Our Guest Makes Breakfast,” “Lush Futures Seem to Await”

Jeff Gundy: “Contemplation with Doors, Nests, and Music,” “The Body”

Alima Sherman: “The Juncture”

Susanne Kort: “Cell,” “Solitaire,” “The Clock that Fell into the Toilet One Night”

Sue Ellen Thompson: “Echo Rock”

John Harris: “At the B Minor Mass,” “Joy in the Evening”

Joanne M. Clarkson: “Mother of Phobia”

Lynn Shoemaker: “Gardens with No Apples”

Helen Beth O’Neal: “The Yellow Bowl”

Cynthia Gustavson: “Layers”

Matthew J. Spireng: “One,” “Confession”

Carolina Morales: “Kore at eighteen”

Margaret Mackinnon: “September on the River in our Middle Age”

Daniel Becker: “Serpentarium”

Meredith Davies Hadaway: “Heron & Harp”

Suze Baron: “cemetery”

Anita Skeen: “Mourning Tom”

Sandy Longley: “Ode to Jimmy Buffett”

Stephen Dunn: “The Visitors,” “The Leader”

Jamie Ross: “Hotel Carmen, New Year’s Eve,” “Hayfield”

James Reiss: “Twenty Eleven”

Oleg Chukhonsev: “This Hostage Age” (trans. from the Russian by Danielle Jones)

Deborah J. Hunter: “The Long Walk”

Tomaž Šalamun: “Tout Passe” (trans. from the Slovenian by Michael Thomas Taren and the author)

Jack Wolfteich: “Girl on a Bike,” “Crease of Light”

Becky Kennedy: “To Learn from Light,” “Waking”

Henry Morgenthau: “A Terrific Headache,” “A Sunday in Purgatory”

Susannah Lawrence: “A Poem with a Future Longing in It”

Jennifer Compton: “Autumn Shrugs,” “Old School”

Judith Chalmer: “Recall,” “Post Op”

Seth Zimmerman:, “Scribe”

Jo McDougall: “Poems”

Gail Peck: “Water Lilies in Evening”

Anita Vitacolonna: “The Commission,” “Muthwa’s Infusions”

Kaz Sussman: “Still Life with Occupational Hazards”

Laurel Feigenbaum: “Gertrude: The Stein Collection”

Doren Robbins: “New Hat,” “Title to the Pump”

Barbara Rockman: “Post Laryngoscopy, I Follow News of the Trapped Miners”

Marilynn Rashid: “Red,” “Robins in Elmwood”

Jeffrey Johannes: “Dancing with Grandma,” “On Turning Fifty-five,” “On Not Knowing”

Mark Williams: “Aspirations”

Suzanne Cleary: “Against Nostalgia

CJ Muchhala: “be granite,” “In the Fullness”


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