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Mirrors & Prisms: Writers of Marginalized Orientations & Gender Identities
Spring/Summer 2016. Vol. 59, No. 2
"Eilis O’Neal: Editor’s Note
Christina Quintana: “Origins of Dress”
Eleanor Lerman: “The Life of the Mind”
Shelley Ettinger: “Ginny Calabrese”
Nicole Fix: “The Frog Pond”
Bonnie J. Morris: “Writing in Women’s Bars”
Kaitlin LaMoine Martin: “Borders,” “Anatomy”
Morgan Carter: “Semicolon,” “Girl”
Julie R. Enszer: “I Meet a Woman”
Benjamin S. Grossberg: “Math’s Punishment”
Charlie Bondhus: “Baba Yaga and the Book,” “Baba and I Klatsch Over Reasons Why We Hate Magic,”
“Guilt Keeps Us Busy; Violence Makes Us Creative”
Steven Sanchez: “Lent,” “Photograph of Our Shadows,” “The Anatomy of Your Voice”
Rajiv Mohabir: “A Boy With Baleen for Teeth”
Christopher Phelps: “Skin and Hide,” “Undertaking”
Mary Gilliland: “Rerouting the Driver”
Theodosia Henney: “Atlas for Returning”
Alice Stinetorf: “Of Crawdads and Bats,” “On the Clutter of My Office”
Liz Ahl: “Transfer Station”
Nancy Carol Moody: “Terminal,” “What They Missed in the Obituary”
Courtney Hartnett: “Treating the Chickens for Mites on the Back Porch,” “Theology of the Body”
Maya White-Lurie: “Standing in the James River”
Cassia Chambers-Gammill: “Echo”
Jackie Craven: “Reflections,” “Simulcast,” “Slugs”
Kimberly Dark: “All I have of her are photos”
Rachel Brownson: “On Secrets”
Greg Nicholl: “Potter’s Field”
Jayme Ringleb: “Ars Poetica for the Devil,” “Parable, “Mutius in the Garden of Rejection”
Zach Linge: “Whale Sounds”
Francine Kaye Hendrickson: “Planets to Go to with PTSD”
Lucien Darjeun Meadows: Hands Holding the Void (Invisible Object), “Following I-64 West, “Directing A Dream and Unable to Speak”
Alyse Knorr: “[list],”” [measurements]”
Leah Horlick: For You Shall Be Called to Account, “For Every Animal of the Forest Is Mine”
Arisa White: “ficus”
Jim Nawrocki: Five Sapphics for Three Young Men,” “Bitter Melon Soup”
Derrick Austin: “Epithalamium, “At the Grave of Zora Neale Hurston”
Su Smallen: “Lines We Draw,” “Life Drawing, After Nightmare”
Julia Koets: “The Thinnest String”
Dean Anthony Brink: “Life in Venice”
Ivan Seinders: “Pond Boys”
Annie Ita: “Love Story, “Misgendered”
Nicholas DeBellis: “Sentence”
Eduardo Martinez-Leyva: “Composite Sketch”
Genevieve N. Williams: “Los Muertos”
Jeffery Beam: “from The Porch Letters”
Kristen Ringman: “Soft”
Peter LaBerge: “The Chiffon Game”
Noah Stetzer: “Craigslist Post Id: 5339677111 Explains,” “Linnaeus at the Window”
Kate Lynn Hibbard: “Naming the Plants,” “Thimble,” “Hanging Tree”
Heather Bartlett: “We Return to Ritual”
James Cihlar: “Stella Dallas”
Matthew Hittinger: “Café Imagination,” “Proof of Intent to Marry”
Jeff Oaks: “Q X 4: an excess”
Lee Colin Thomas: “Thesaurus,” “Powers”
C. Russell Price: “Ars Poetica: [We’ll Take Our Turn, Singing/ Dirty Rap Songs], “Release Your Fear: The War Cries of Hummingbirds,” “Postcard: Your Wife in 30 Years,” “The Poem in Which the Apocalypse Doesn’t Go So Terribly”
Wayne Johns: “Duet”
Kristi Carter: “Sudden as Spring”
Robert Hamberger: “Tomorrow”
Doug Paul Case: “Sweet in the Air,” “The Glow of Your Former Self”
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