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Reimagined: Bridging this World and Others

Spring/Summer 2014. Vol. 57 No.2,


Eilis O’Neal: Editor’s Note




Patty Houston: “Seven Fishburn, Up”

John Haggerty: “The Last Detail”

Paul Mihas: “Water for Thieves”

Eric Barnes: “Pit Bulls”

Nadia Ibrashi: “In the Shadow of Masters”


Creative Nonfiction


Denise Duhamel & Julie Marie Wade: “The Unrhymables”




Joan Roberta Ryan: “Sequel”

Robert King: “The Book of Life”

Zeina Hashem Beck: “Rewriting Beyrouth”

Nadia Ibrashi: “Pantoum of the Turkish coffee”

CJ Muchhala: “Let Us Praise Brown”

Janice Greenwood: “After the Wedding”

Walter Cannon: “If We Say Blue”

Irene Blair Honeycutt: “Psalm of Waiting”

Catherine Freeling: “The Other Universe”

Clara Changxin Fang: “Name”

Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda: “Painting in an Enclosed Field at Saint-Paul Hospital”

Gail Peck: “Young Girl Standing against a Background of Wheat”

Daniel Becker: “Fairy Tale,” “How the Rate Didn’t Lose its Tail”

Deborah Brown: “Fossil Resin,” “Switching Hands”

Lisa D. Schmidt: “Chickadees in the Mountain Ash”

Nancy Carol Moody: “Box of Rocks”

Noel Sloboda: “Miranda in Naples,” “Dear University Office of Risk Management”

Marge Saiser: “Obfiscation,” “She Gives Me the Watch off her Arm,” “It Was a Game No One Taught Us”

Caitlin Cowan: “Best Order,” “Progeny”

Kelly Terwilliger: “Crossing River,” “Missing Head”

Cathryn Essinger: “Deconstructing the Moon”

Paal-Helge Haugen: “Night Sky” (trans. from the Norwegian by Damon Aukema)

Wyatt Townley: “After You Died”

John Surowiecki: “Elegiac Variations on Yes, We Have No Bananas

Mary Moore: “Being the Violin, for Gaspara Stampa, Venetian Poet and Singer c. 1550”

Ingrid Steblea: “Unsexing Them”

Purvi Shah: “Held by five nerves, your tongue verges on fire”

Fabio Morábito: “Pierino Sempio” (trans. from the Spanish by Kathleen Snodgrass), “The house welcomed us in darkness” (trans. from the Spanish by Kathleen Snodgrass)

Danielle Cadena Deulen: “Burning House”

Ashley Anna McHugh: “Horsefly,” “Original Sin”

Celisa Steele: “Widowed Eve”

Leo Haber: “About J. Robert Oppenheimer”

David A. Porter: “Alentejo”

Stephanie V. Sears: “In Pagan Fashion”

Holly Karapetkova: “Family History”

Leslie Shiel: “S-Curve”

Barbara Crooker: “Scrimshaw”

Jeff Gundy: “Meditation on Solitude and Simplicity”

Monica Wendel: “Brain Science”

Teresa Roy: “Eternal Life (The Running Poem)”

Taylor Klein: “Cualacino,” “Snow White”

Liz Kay: “The Witch Introduces the Children,” “The Witch Implicates the Children,” “The Witch Imagines a Fairy Tale in which the Girl Saves Herself”

Scott Elder: “Portrait”

Jared Harel: “Process,” “To Dust”

Matthew Landrum: “Cicada,” “Silent Mail”

Adrianne Kalfopoulou: “Sea”

Bidel Dehlavi: “Ghazals” (trans. from the Persian by Rebecca Gould)

Dawn McGuire: “Billets Doux,” “Billet Doux,” “If You Can’t See My Mirrors, I Can’t See You”

Eric Ellingsen: “We all say that this means that the world” (a trans. performance by Velimir Klebinkov)

Nancy Takacs: “The Worrier: hummingbird feeder,” “The Worrier: body,” “The Worrier: photographers,” “Echo and the Domestic”

Doug Ramspeck: “Crow Evening”

Mary Kay Rummel: “Lost: A Sister’s Tale,” “Burndt Dress”

Elizabeth Rees: “Closing In”

Angela Patten: “Dutch Translation”

Myra Shapiro: “Accompanying Anne Carson in “The Fall of Rome”

John Sibley Williams: “Affirmation”

Mercedes Lawry: “Allow”

Barbara Saunier: “Argiope, Goddess of Small Repute”

Circe Maia: “Let’s Go Again” (trans. from the Spanish by Jesse Lee Kercheval)

Wendy Barker: “Foldings”

Michael Boccardo: “Rapunzel, Unshorn”

Mary Angelino: “Alone at Night,” “Babysitting,” “Ovid in Exile”

M. Shahid Alam: “Ghazal,” “Waiting”

Patricia Hawley: “Scheherazade”

Anne Damrosch: “Reading A Child’s Christmas in Wales”

John Oliver Simon: “Stepbrother”

Linda Hillringhouse: “Ancient Peoples’

Myrna Stone: “Martin Luther, Plagued in His Retirement by Sickness, Appeals to his Wife,” “Lord Katie, Three Days Before Christmas,” “The Presbyterian Minister, Donald Cargill, to His Dead Wife on the Eve of His Execution”

Jorge Sánchez: “Poem in Which I Nearly Fail to Be Mentioned [Week Twenty],” “Crown to Rump [Ultrasound]”

Lauren Camp: “Velvet”

Christina Cook: “Dinner Party”

Nina Forsythe: “Here Are Your Humans”

John J. Ronan: “Presents, Please”

Amy Vaniotis: “If Poetry Were Outlawed,” “The Waking,” “Weaving for Odysseus,” “Against Poems of Myth”


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