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Nimrod Literary Awards
Founded by Ruth G. Hardman
The 38th Nimrod Literary Awards
The Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction &
The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry
First Prize: $2,000 and publication
Second Prize: $1,000 and publication
The winners will also be brought to Tulsa for the Awards Ceremony and Writing Conference in October. All finalists will be considered for publication. 
Contest Rules
Contest begins: January 1, 2016
Postmark Deadline: April 30, 2016
Poetry: 3-10 pages of poetry (one long poem or several short poems)
Fiction: 7,500 words maximum (one short story or a self-contained excerpt from a novel)
No previously published works or works accepted for publication elsewhere.  Author’s name must not appear on the manuscript.  Include a cover sheet containing titles, author’s name, full address, phone number, and email.  Submitters must be living in the U.S. by October of 2016 to enter the contest. 
Postal Submissions: “Contest Entry” should be clearly indicated on both the outer envelope and the cover sheet. Manuscripts should be stapled, if possible; if not, please bind with a heavy clip. Manuscripts will not be returned.  Include SASE for results only. If no SASE is sent, no contest results will be sent; however, the results will be posted on Nimrod’s website.
Mail to:
Nimrod International Journal
Literary Contest--Fiction or Poetry (indicate the appropriate category)
The University of Tulsa
800 S. Tucker Dr.
Tulsa, OK 74104  
Online Submissions: Work may be submitted online using our online submission manager system .
Entry Fee: Each entry must each be accompanied by a $20 fee.  Make checks payable to Nimrod. $20 includes both entry fee & a one-year subscription (two issues). Writers may submit multiple entries, but each entry must include its own $20 fee.
Nimrod Literary Awards 2015
The editors of Nimrod International Journal are delighted to announce the winners, honorable mentions, finalists and semi-finalists of the 37th Nimrod Literary Awards.
Nimrod Literary Awards: The Pablo Neruda Prize in Poetry
Heather Altfeld, CA, “Two Pockets” and other poems
Leila Chatti, NC, “Momon Eats an Apple in Summer” and other poems
Grant Gerald Miller, OR, “Skin” and other poems
Berwyn Moore, PA, “Interferon” and other poems
Emily Van Kley, WA, “Varsity Athletics” and other poems
Nimrod Literary Awards: The Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Fiction
J. Duncan Wiley, NE, “Inclusions”
Emily Wortman-Wunder, CO, “Burning”
Stephanie Carpenter, MI, “The Sweeper”
Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry, VA, “The Heart of Things”
Sharon Solwitz, IL, “Vibrato”
Nimrod extends deep appreciation to all who submitted. Selecting the poetry and fiction finalists was a task that dominated the lives of Nimrod’s editors all spring.  They approached their mission with dedication and discretion, reading and rereading the final group, comparing notes, and speaking for favorites. The finalists’ manuscripts, without cover letters or names, were sent to the judges for 2015. Tina Chang, Poet Laureate of Brooklyn and author of Of Gods and Strangers, served as poetry judge, and Karen Russell, Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of Swamplandia!, served as fiction judge.  They chose the winners and honorable mentions from the finalist groups. 
The 38th Nimrod Literary Awards competition begins January 1, 2016; the postmark deadline is April 30, 2016. We welcome your submissions, knowing that each year brings new discoveries, often from those who have submitted to the competition before.
All entrants not previously contacted by Nimrod about their work may consider their work released at this time.
Finalists Fiction 2015 (listed in order of number they received at check-in)
F092, Nicole Fix, NY, “The Frog Pond”
F144, Jane Holwerda, KS, “Faith Healer”
F191, Michelle Collins Anderson, MO, “Cancer (& Other Unforgivable Curses)”
F257, George Looney, PA, “The Under the Rivers Humming Cross of Rome, Georgia”
Semi-Finalists Fiction 2015
F002, Enid Harlow, NY, “Twice Removed”
F029, Mark Holden, NY, “Cursing the Wheelbarrow”
F084, Mary Troy, Mo, “Leukemia Jar”
F088, Paul Byall, GA, “You Are in My Power”
F091, Hal Ackerman, NY, “Incidental Contact”
F137, Ann Harleman, CA, “Bussana”
F188, Mita Bordoloi, IL, “The Janmashtami Festival”
F190, Gwen-Florelei Luib, CA, “The Tilapia Farmer”
F196, Daniel Hamilton, KY, “Modern Anamorphic”
Finalists Poetry 2015
P028, William Orem, MA, “Handmaiden” and other poems
P085, Zane Kotker, MA, “Stand and Pivot” and other poems
P103, Earl Reineman, KS, “How to Peel an Apple, 1967” and other poems
P117, Katharyn Howd Machan, NY, “Dark Matters”
P158, Lisa Krueger, CA, “No Quiet” and other poems
P279, Jeanne Wagner, CA, “Why She Wasn’t Invited…” and other poems
P335, Melanie Drane, CA, “The Language Orchard” and other poems
P394, Emily Rose Cole, IL, “The Contortionist” and other poems
P406, Josephine Yu, FL, “Middle Class Love Song” and other poems
Semi-Finalists Poetry 2015
P055, Madelyn Garner, CO, “Surgical Mask in the Time of Plagues” and other poems
P062, M. E. McFarland, VA, “To Memory” and other poems
P096, Kate Kingston, CO, “I Miss God” and other poems
P106, Moira Linehan, MA, “Where There’s a History of Famine” and other poems
P109, Wendy Barker, TX, “The Hollow” and other poems
P039, Judith Pacht, CA, “A Cumulus Fiction”
P123, Charles Atkinson, CA, “First Tuesdays at Hospice” and other poems
P124, Kim Garcia, MA, “Householder” and other poems
P161, Rita Moe, MN, “Sloth” and other poems
P169, Dwaine Spieker, NE, “Corpus Christi Sunday Afternoon” and other poems
P171, Barbara Crooker, PA, “Entering the House of Awe” and other poems
P190, Francine Hendrickson, NC, “Planets to Go to with PTSD” and other poems
P203, Davis McCombs, AR, “Not Untwist” and other poems
P213, Marsha Truman Cooper, CA, “Suddenly, the blizzard” and other poems
P299, Arne Weingart, IL, “The Poet Decides to Stop Writing” and other poems
P305, Leah Zazulyer, NY, “Time Was” and other poems
P307, Penelope Scambly Schott, OR, “Our Dog Lily” and other poems
P369, Leah Huizar, NC, “Listening to Ghosts” and other poems
P403, Benjamin Busch, MI, “The Discovery of My Tomb” and other poems
P412, Rochelle Goldstein, NY, “Gretel’s Answer” and other poems
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