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Artist Guidelines
Nimrod is pleased to accept submissions from artists and photographers for cover art and internal art.
All digital images should be at least 300 dpi. If you are sending a CD of your work, please save your images in tif or jpg format.
Nimrod covers are printed in color, while all internal art is printed in black and white. Most images will be considered for internal issue art, so if your art is in color, please consider how it will look in black and white. If a piece is heavily reliant on color, it may not be suitable for our internal art.
Please consider purchasing a copy of Nimrod to get an idea of the kind of art we like.
Because of the way that we organize our issues, we never know precisely what art we’ll need for an issue until the order of the poems and stories has been set. Thus, we accept art on the premise that we might someday be able to use it, rather than that we will certainly use it in a particular issue. We keep art that we like on file and, as we set each issue, go through our files to look for art that is appropriate to that particular issue. Thus, if your work is accepted, it may be that we can use it in the next issue, but it also may be that we won’t be able to use it for several issues. We notify all artists when their art is used in Nimrod, and each artist receives 2 contributor’s copies of that issue.  If your work is accepted, please let us know at that time if you would like us to keep your art on file indefinitely or for a specific amount of time.
2 copies of the issue in which the work appears.
Submitting Your Work:
1) If you have a website that contains selections of your work, you may send us an email with a link to the website. We will take a look at your work and let you know if we find it suitable for Nimrod.
2) You may mail us a CD of your work. Please save images in tif or jpg form, with a dpi of at least 300. Please indicate if you would like the CD returned to you in the event that we cannot use the images and include a SASE with sufficient postage for our response and/or your CD.
3) You may mail us hard copies of your work. Please indicate if you would like the hard copies returned to you in the event that we cannot use the images and include a SASE with sufficient postage for our response and/or your hard copies.
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